Our Stone Type

We love to present to you our exceptional products with confidence for it is our noble duty to guide you to the best natural stones that suits you.

While many use the terms stone and rock interchangeably, there is a difference between the two. One of them is that stone is smaller than rock. Rock is made out of stones and mineral matter. The stone used to make your countertops was cut from rock. Rocks are typically found in the earth’s crust. They can also be found on the surface. On the other hand, stones are non-metallic minerals.

There are three main groups of rocks namely igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic. Each has distinctive characteristics due to their mineral content, the ways in which the rocks were formed, and the processes that acted on the rocks since they were formed. All these create the unique structure, texture and colour that is peculiar to natural stones.

Here are the different types of natural stones in JB ROCK that you can add to cart:

“Volcanic schist”, The Volcanic Stone is a stone formed from lava erupted from a volcano. This rock is classified as igneous rock that differs by being of volcanic in nature. This stone type embodies sturdiness and lasting endurance in which our “ARA-AL STONE” convey the said attributes. This stone type gives you the natural earthly compositions that reflect unique character, sturdiness and grandeur.

SLATES”, are fine-grained metamorphic stones that are formed when sedimentary stones such as shale is subject to high pressure. This stone type has a smooth feature that can be exemplary for your indoor and outdoor walls. Slates offer vibrant colors to choose from, such as green color like “MANGIMA STONE, mint color as “WHITE SLATE”, rustic color like “CYCLONE” and “WOODSTONE”. This stone type radiates a stylish look furnishing a warm elegance of luxury yet homely ambiance.

LIMESTONE”, limestone is a carbonate sedimentary rock that is often formulated by the skeletal fragments of marine organisms such as coral, foraminifera and mollusks.These fragments of fossil inclusions were evident to “MACTAN STONE”, that has been infinitely associated with its durability and timeless beauty. This stone type will make your wall cladding predate of the Spanish era that is highly valued for its historical yet antique look.

SANDSTONE”, Sandstone is a sedimentary rock composed of sand-size grains of mineral, rock, or organic material. “SANDSTONE” is one of our remarkable stone materials that withstood the test of time. This stone type has eminent feature that is concurrence to the great pyramid of Egypt and buildings in the Roman Empire (B.C) which reflects that a prominent individual is using the stone.

MARBLE”, Marble is a metamorphic stone that is primarily composed of calcite or dolomite crystals. It is characterized by its crystal-like texture which is formed by limestone being reformed by a combination of heat and pressure. These marble type limestones originate from different varieties and ever modern, fade resistant colors to choose from – Pastel Pinks (Misty Pink), Red color (Feldspar), Black with white trimming pigments (Black Onyx), Beige color(Jasmine and Ashlar Beige), Light Green (Green Seafoam), Yellow (Sun Yellow and Sun Burst), Brown (Choco Marble), and Gray (Quartz). This stone type will literally transform both residential and commercial properties of yours into visually interesting and naturally unique structures. “Natural Stone is earths comprehensive and absolute definition of beauty direct from Mother Nature. The unique features and characters in every JB ROCK STONE you will choose will guarantee elegance, natural beauty, durability and style. For over 20 years in natural stone industry, we ensure great satisfaction among our valued clients.